Month: October 2019

3D Printing & Solidworks 3D Design

State of the art Raise 3D Large Format Printer    12”x 12” x 12”
Print Materials – 20 Different Plastics

  • PLA, PVC, PEG, Composite Filled, Glass, Metal or Fiber Filled
  • Multiple Colors
  • Fast Turn Around – with your 3D model
  • Prototype
  • Pre-Production
  • Molds
  • Fixtures
  • Gripper Fingers

Reverse Engineering & Custom Solutions –

  • 3D Solidworks
  • Conversion from 2D Cad
  • Manufacture Repair Components

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RNA Automation

Birmingham UK/ Perry, MI

Step Fedders-

  • Quiet Vibration Free Feeding
  • Metered Feeding
  • Single orientation
  • Compact
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Load Height


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Brushalon V-Track Feeder/Conveyor

Vibratory V-Track assembly and centerless grinder infeeds

  • Features PolyPro Brushalon for gentle but positive part handling       (crop the bins off the Right) 
  • No Mar on finished or Class A surfaces
  • Wet or Oily parts can be fed. 
  • Impervious to grind swarf, coolant, and fine debris.
  • Handles “green” PM parts, Glass & Ceramics
  • Provides positive uniform backpressure to parts being fed 
  • Across a dead plate or into a centerless grinder

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Aptek Automation Accessories – A3

Perry, MI

AFF Series Feed/Dispense Unit

  • 2 Standard Sizes  3” & 4” 
  • Feed pre-scored PSA Backed Felt or Foam Components
  • Adj. ½-3” widths or 2”-4”  
  • Feed Lengths to 3” or 4” 
  •  HMI Interface
  • 120 VAC / 30 Psi Air
  • Standard Roll Size up to 16” Dia.  
  • Optional Floor Roll Holder for larger spools
  • Plug-n-Play ready to use with Co-Bot / Robot
  • Manual Mode for Hand Pick, improves ergonomics

aff-330 V1.1.pdf

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